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Our Vintage Taxi customers know that in this crazy world,  where we have to be careful who to trust with our love ones. Know that with me or any of my hand picked senior citizen  drivers your family members are ALWAYS SAFE.

Our motto at Vintage Taxi has always been SAFETY FIRST! We have built our business on treating customers like family. I suppose our 5 STAR GOGGLE RATING and ANGIE’S LIST SUPER SERVICE AWARD 2016 &2017 is a testimony to that. Our job is so gratifying because we meet the Parents,Children, and Friends of our customers.                            We feel….. Just Like Family!

At Vintage Taxi we book by Appointment Only, offering 24/7 Airport Transportation Service or Around Town. Typically when our customers buy their plane ticket they immediately arrange for their ground transportation thus knowing they have someone they can Trust and depend on to be reliable and safe for the trip to & from the airport.


Alleged Assaults by Uber and Lyft Drivers

92 Number of Alleged Assaults

Uber Driver Allegedly Threatens Passengers with Knife, Slaps Them in Lakewood Ohio (3/19/18)

Two Uber Drivers Involved In Attack On Taxi Driver In Bucharest, Romania (1/18/18)

Acton, Massachusetts Man Allegedly Pulled From Vehicle And Assaulted By Uber Driver (1/15/18)

Mount Olive, Pennsylvania Uber Driver Allegedly Threatens Woman With Knife (1/4/18)

Charlotte, North Carolina Uber Driver Allegedly Robs, Passenger, Grabs Him By Neck (1/2/18)

Richmond, Virginia Woman Says Uber Driver Hit Her (12/21/17)

Chicago, Illinois Lyft Driver Allegedly Waved Gun At Passengers, Yelled Threats and Slurs (12/12/17)

77-Year-Old Fort Worth, Texas Woman Claiming Assault Files Suit Against Uber (12/8/17)

Bogota, Colombia Man Allegedly Thrown Out of Moving Uber by Driver (12/8/17)

Singapore Uber Driver Accused of Backing Car into Man, Punching Him (12/7/17)

Baldwin Borough, Pennsylvania Passenger Sues Lyft, Says Driver Hit Him (12/2/17)

Fitchburg, Wisconsin Uber Driver Charged With Beating and Raping Passenger (11/30/17)

Police Charge Boston, Massachusetts Lyft Driver for Assaulting 2 Passengers (11/27/17)

Bangalore, India Uber Driver Allegedly Beats Up Passenger (11/6/17)

Uber Driver Forced Chicago, Illinois Professor Out Of Car, Injuring Her, She Says (10/23/17)

St. Augustine, Florida Uber Driver Arrested for Pulling Knife on Rider: Police (10/17/17)

Football Fan Stabbed By Uber Driver In Downtown Atlanta, Georgia: Police (10/6/17)

SPD: Attempted Assault on SU Student by Syracuse, New York Uber Driver under Investigation (9/29/17)

Detroit, Michigan Woman Injured after Refusing to Give Uber Driver Sexual Favors (9/25/17)

Wandsworth, England Uber Driver Allegedly Hit and Kicked His Pregnant Wife (9/11/17)

Madison, Wisconsin Man Attacked and Robbed by Uber Driver (9/3/17)

Lyft Driver Charged with Pointing Gun at Passengers in Lake View, Illinois (9/2/17)

London, England Uber Driver Attacked Police with Sword, Arrested on Suspicion of Terrorism (8/31/17)

Uber Driver Tried to Mow Down San Diego, California Couple: Lawsuit (8/14/17)

Police: Saint Petersburg, Florida Man Dies after Punch from Uber Driver (8/12/17)

Uber Sued After Driver Allegedly Ambushes Chicago, Illinois Passenger at Home With Metal Rod (8/12/17)

Uber Driver Arrested for Punching New York City Traffic Agent (8/10/17)

Louisville, Kentucky Uber Driver in Court for Assault (7/27/17)

Johannesburg, South Africa Uber Driver In Court For Attacking Police Officer (7/17/17)

Uber Driver Allegedly Fires Gun At Adventure Island in Tampa, Florida (6/26/17)

Austin, Texas Lyft Driver Accused Of Pulling Gun On Pedicab Driver (6/24/17)

Atlanta, Georgia Woman Says Lyft Driver Attacked Her (6/20/17)

Uber driver steals passenger’s Rolex after struggle, New Orleans, Louisiana PD says (6/6/17)

Florida Uber driver arrested for strong arm robbery (6/4/17)

Uber driver accused of twice punching male passenger in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania ride (5/7/17)

Uber driver ‘smacked female customer leaving her with black eye, called her a white b***h and threw keys at her baby daughter’ in South London, The United Kingdom (3/16/17)

Glen Ridge, New Jersey Police seek Lyft driver accused of slapping passenger (2/27/17)

Uber Driver Charged With Assault on Pregnant Passenger, College Park, Georgia (2/15/17)

Plantation, Florida Uber driver needed to use the bathroom. He let her in. Trouble followed. (2/10/17)

Uber Driver Arrested After Uptown Minneapolis, Minnesota Shooting (1/26/17)

Wheelchair cyclist left lying in the street after being ‘repeatedly punched by London road rage Uber driver’ (1/27/17)

Uber Driver Beats Passenger For Getting Snow In His Car, Chicago, Illinois Prosecutors Say (1/26/17)

Uber Driver Attacks Passenger with a ‘Wrench,’ London, England (1/16/17)
Man Claims Uber Driver “Left Him in a Pool of Blood” After Refusing Trip in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1/6/17)

Boston, Massachusetts Lyft Driver, 25, ‘Stabs Her Female Passenger in the Neck During a Fare Dispute on Christmas Night’(12/26/16)

Uber Driver in Detroit, Michigan Stabs Passenger Five Times, Says He ‘Disrespected’ the Car (12/19/16)

Uber Driver ‘Takes Young Women on Horror Ride in Middle of the Night and Dumps Them by Deserted Reservoir’ (11/30/16)

Pennsylvania State Uber Driver Faces Felony Aggravated Assault Charges (11/7/16)

Police: Uber Driver Kidnapped, Assaulted Passenger, College Park Maryland (10/29/16)

Wisconsin Uber Driver Arrested After Harassing Females, Running from Whitefish Bay Police (10/21/16)

Fight with Uber Driver Allegedly Leaves Atlanta, Georgia Woman with Black Eye (10/17/16)

London Uber Driver Who Called Woman a Black C*** and Punched Her in the Face Walks Free (10/18/16)

London Cancer Survivor With Hole in Neck Claims Uber Driver Dragged Her From Car Because She ‘Wasn’t Talking Properly’(10/11/16)

Woman Sues Uber, Driver Over Alleged New York City Assault (10/7/16)

Memphis Police Department: Off Duty Officer Attacked by  Tennessee Uber Driver (10/4/16)

Shocking Moment: a Los Angeles, California Uber Driver Tries to Drag a Female Passenger Out of His Car (9/30/16)

Indianapolis, Indiana Woman says she was Robbed, Dragged by Man Claiming to be Uber Driver (9/19/16)

Woman Claims She Was Attacked By Uber Driver After Refusing Unsafe Dropoff, Chicago, Illinois (9/19/16)

Despite Hit-and-Run, Arrest in Berkeley, Uber Driver Still Finds Time to Charge Fee (9/13/16)

Man Accused of Posing as Uber Driver, Assaulting University of Massachusetts Student (9/7/16)

Police: Uber Driver Angry with Passengers who Slammed Car Doors Threatened them with Gun in Millersville, Pennsylvania (9/7/16)

Uber Driver Accused Of Robbing, Assaulting Disabled Woman in Malden, Massachusetts (8/30/16)

Toronto Uber Driver Arrested for Assault, Footage Surfaces Online (8/17/16)

Australian Woman Flees Moving ‘Uber’ After Being Strangled (8/9/16)

Uber Driver Allegedly Called This Man A ‘Faggot’ And Tried To Run Him Over (8/1/16)

London Woman ‘Dragged Down Street After Driver Demanded Cash to Return her Phone’ (7/19/16)

Uber Driver Threatens Gay Atlanta Men with Gun (7/1/16)

Atlanta Uber Driver Accused of Hitting Passengers with Car (7/1/16)

Chicago Lyft Driver Groped, Threatened to ‘F— Up’ Passenger, Prosecutors Say (6/28/16)

Los Angeles Rider Says Uber Driver Stole His iPhone, Threatened To Attack Him (6/20/16)

Female Passenger was Attacked by Two Men Who Did Not Realise they Would Have to Share a Ride with her After Using the UberPool Car Service in London (6/13/16)

Woman says Dispute with Uber Driver Turned Violent in Yeadon, Pennsylvania (6/3/16)

Uber driver arrested for attempting to shoot officers in Montgomery County, Maryland (5/26/16)

An Uber Driver Has Been Charged With Strangling a University of Delaware Student in a Dorm Parking Lot  (5/23/16)

Arizona Uber Driver Arrested After Slashing Passenger (04/18/16)

Uber Driver in Los Angeles Arraigned on Theft and Assault Charges (01/28/16)

Uber Driver Accused of Aggravated Assault and Misdemeanor Battery After Pulling a Gun on Manatee County, Florida Passenger (01/26/16)

Uber Driver Allegedly Assaults Cincinnati Woman (01/18/16)

California Woman Says Uber Driver Broke Her Jaw (01/13/16)

Woman Allegedly Punched in the Face and Racially Abused by her Uber Driver in Addiscombe, South London, UK (11/30/15)

Passenger Hit in the Face by Uber Driver in Indianapolis (11/20/15)

Australian Woman Allegedly Attacked by her Uber Driver Suffers a Broken Leg and Blood Clot from the Ordeal (9/8/15)

A Los Angeles Woman Says Her Uber Driver Threw Her onto the Street (6/4/15)

Denver Uber Driver Allegedly Drove Woman to Airport, then Went Back to Rob Her Home (4/1/15)

Hiring a Lyft: Uber Safe or Uber Dangerous? (Santa Monica, CA) (3/18/15)

Boston Uber Driver Charged with Indecent Assault and Battery (2/9/15)

Alleged Assault by Chicago Uber Driver (12/10/14)

San Francisco Passenger Struck In Head with Hammer by UberX Driver (9/30/14)

Uber Driver Pulls Gun on Valet in Atlanta (9/8/14)

Philadelphia Uber Driver Beat Model, Pushed Earring through Skin in Traffic Jam (7/14/14)

Uber Driver Punches Passenger in Oklahoma (6/3/14)

Lyft Driver Attacks Pedestrian in San Francisco (1/14/14)

San Francisco Uber Customer Claims Abuse and Assault by Uber Driver (11/25/13)

Lyft Driver Brandishes Knife in Los Angeles (10/29/13)

Writer and Activist Reports Being Choked in DC; Uber Denies the Event and Responsibility (9/16/13)

Uber Customer Sues for $2M over Alleged Driver Stabbing in DC (9/8/13)

DC Uber Driver Allegedly Assaults Passenger for Burping (3/8/13)


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