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I was driving a couple from The Country Club in Lakewood Ranch to the Tampa airport last week and had a extremely enjoyable trip. They are a very interesting, lovely, retired,  Indian couple that are very active in our community. He conducts  a LWR writers club and on Fridays she teaches free yoga classes at the LWR Town Hall.

Now the wife and I love Indian cuisine. We often eat the lunch buffet at  Tandoor Fine Indian Cuisine, 8453 Cooper Creek Blvd, and have been very satisfied with their spread.

However, I just had to ask the question of my guests “Where is the best Indian food in the Sarasota/Bradenton area?” His reply was my wife’s cooking! In fact he is trying to get her to write a Indian recipes cook book. They did however both agree that the:             Flavors of India and the Curry Station are probably the top two in town.

Carol and I are going to take their advice, why don’t you give it a go as well. Let us know what you think on Next Door OR By the way, they suggest the noon buffet for a variety of dishes just to make sure you don’t get a whole meal that would be to spicy hot for your liking.


Photo of Curry Station B - Sarasota, FL, United States. Curry Station



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